Engine 19-2

Engine 19-2 is a 1986 GMC-Pierce Engine purchased brand new by the department in 1986. Engine 19-2 was originally assigned and equipped as a rescue unit. Although its designated as an engine, Engine 19-2 is equipped to supplement R19 in rescue and extrication operations, as well as serve as the primary special rescue apparatus.

Engine 19-2 carries a second set of rescue tools which include a hydraulic spreader, and cutter along with extra cribbing. and the Capabear stabilization system for vehicle roll overs. Engine 19-2 also carries low angle rope rescue equipment and water rescue equipment for special rescue situations that call for such operations. The engine is also equipped with an electric winch and come along for use in special rescue or stabilization situations.

For fire operations, Engine 19-2 carries 500 gallons of water and a 1250gpm pump along with 1000 feet of 5 inch LDHand a full compliment of 2.5 inch and 1.75 inch handline hose. The engine also carries various hand tools for fire operations, chain saw, smoke ejector fans and a Propak Foam system. Engine 19-2 also carries a spill response pack and set of absorbent pads. While on scene, Engine 19-2 can provide both fixed and portable scene lighting from its 3 kilowatt generator.