Tanker 19

Tanker 19 is a 1983 Chevrolet Allegheny Top Kick Tanker that was purchased from neighboring department, Turtlecreek Township, in 2010 to help supply water in the non-hydranted, northern section of Franklin Township as well as for mutual-aid assistance to neighboring departments.

Tanker 19 carries 2350 gallons of water and has a 250gpm pump. Tanker 19 does not fight fires, but supplies the on scene fire engines with a large amount of water. When used in a "drop-tank" operation, Tanker 19 can put all 2350 gallons of water in a portable water tank on scene in 59 seconds. This allows the on scene engines to use the water left by the tanker, while it refills at the closest water source. When the "tanker shuttle" operation is used, Tanker 19 directly pumps into an engine called the "relay engine". This engine then pumps the water to the primary engine for extinguishing the fire. Both the "drop-tank" and "tanker shuttle" operations call for multiple tankers through mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire jurisdictions.