Rescue 20

Rescue 20 is a 1989 Seagrave engine purchased in 2010 from the City of Montgomery in Hamilton County to replace an aging FMC engine. Rescue 20 is distinct as it is the only white and blue truck in the Township fleet. Like Rescue 19, Rescue 20 is the first out apparatus for all auto accidents and rescue situations in the northern portion of the Township. Rescue 20 is also a combination rescue-pumper carrying equipment for fire operations in addition to the equipment needed for rescue operations.

Rescue 20 is able to provide both fixed and portable scene lighting with its 7 kilowatt generator.

For rescue operations, Rescue 20 carries carries the "Jaws of Life" which is comprised of a hydraulic cutter tool and a hydraulic spreader tool. Rescue 20 also has a full set of cribbing and part of the Capabear stabilization system, a stokes basket and wooden backboard for patient removal from areas inaccessible to a stretcher and Rescue 20 is also basic water rescue equipped to deal with water rescue situations in any of the several gravel pits or Twin Creek and the Great Miami River which are in or pass through the northern part of Franklin Township.

As a rescue-pumper Rescue 20 is the second out apparatus for all structure fire calls in the northern part of Franklin Township. Rescue 20 carries 500 gallons of water with a 1250 gallon per minute pump and draft or take in water from the left, right, and front sides of the rescue. It also has 1000 feet of 5 inch LDH for supplying water and a full compliment of 1.75 and 2.5 inch hoses. Rescue 20 also has various fire hand tools and chain saw for use on the fire scene.