Rescue 19

Rescue 19 (R19) is a 1997 Pierce Saber Rescue-Pumper purchased new by the department. As a rescue-pumper half of the truck is equipped for rescue and extrication operations while the other half is equipped for fire operations. Rescue 19 is the first out for any vehicle accident or other accident with entrapment.

For both rescue and fire operations Rescue 19 is equipped with a 6 kilowatt generator that provides fixed and portable scene lighting.

In support of rescue and extrication operations, R19 carries the "Jaws of Life" which is comprised of a hydraulic cutter tool and a hydraulic spreader tool as well as a mini-cutter. In addition to the "Jaws of Life", R19 also carries a hydraulic ram set, a pneumatic chisel and hammer set, a full set of cribbing, the Res-Q-Jack stabilization system for roll-over accidents, and a high pressure airbag system. Rescue 19 also carries an exothermic torch, and a oxygen acetylene torch for other entrapment situations as well as a spill response pack and an AED with first aid bag.

For fire operations Rescue 19 is equipped with 787 gallons of water and a 1500gpm pump which is the highest capacity pump in the department. For fire operations R19 also carries 1000 feet of 5 inch supply line, a Husky Foam System with both class A and B foam, 5 inch LDH foam discharge, 55 gallon drum foam pickup equipped and a full compliment of 2.5 inch and 1.75 inch hose. The rescue is also RIT/RIC/RAT capable and carries a Rabbit Tool which is used for forced entry on metal, commercial type doors, a K12 saw, chain saw, PPV fans, various power tools and a full compliment of fire hand tools.