Engine 20

Engine 20 is a 2011 Sutphen Gardian Pumper purchased brand new by Franklin Township to replace an original to the department FMC Engine from the early 1970s. Engine 20 is the first out for all structure fires in the northern part of Franklin Township and is the second out apparatus for any rescue operations.

Engine 20 is equipped with a 1000 gallon tank supplying a Hale 1250 gpm pump and a full compliment of 1.75 inch and 2.5 inch hose lines as well as 1000 feet of 5 inch supply hose. The engine is able to draft water from both left and right sides of the apparatus. It can provide both fixed and portable lighting with the 5.5 kilowatt generator located on the engine.

Engine 20 is also equipped with a class A and B foam system, PPV and smoke ejector fans, K-12 rescue saw, chain saw and a full compliment of fire hand tools. The engine is also RIC/RIT/RAT capable and carries basic water rescue equipment and the other half of the Capabear stabilization system that Rescue 20 carries.